Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Reyna is sitting next to a huge pile of white hair that came off of her while she was being groomed. Well if Reyna's shedding is any indication, spring is here, that's for sure! Yesterday I did Reyna's weekly grooming, and so much hair came off of her I didn't think she would have any left when I was done! Not to mention the fact that I had hair all over myself, too:) I have three dogs, but after grooming Reyna, I decided to wait until today to groom Starling and Rascal. I was brushing Reyna, and the hair just kept coming and coming. I finally groomed her to the point where a lot less hair was coming off, so I stopped. But I am sure I could have kept going if I had more time. Then I sprayed her down with Miracle Groom and she smelled fresh as spring and she was really soft. I also cleaned her ears, and she was a really good girl. She used to hate having her ears cleaned, but through gentle repitition, she is now really good about it. Plus, Reyna is one of those labs who always has sqeaky clean ears!
Are any of your dogs shedding like this? I sure hope so. It is times like this where I want to give Reyna that pill I have seen that stops shedding. I am sure it doesn't work, but it is darn tempting. Happy Spring everyone!


  1. She almost shed a full little dog! :) I also was reading a little fast and thought you had put "Miracle Grow" instead of "Miracle Groom". I was thinking, "Wow, her hair must REALLY grow!" :)

  2. That is too funny! Miracle GROW! I bet you were wondering why I was complaining about shedding if I put Miracle grow on Reyna. Too funny.....that cracked me up!

  3. Yes Pompei has hair flying off of him in droves!! He also always has clean ears for which I am most grateful!