Friday, April 16, 2010

Taking time to smell the flowers. .

Reyna is laying in a flower bed smelling an orange tulip.

Reyna laying in a bed of tulips.

Yesterday morning, Reyna and I were walking and we found a bed of beautiful spring flowers. These flowers were a mix of very vibrant yellows, reds, whites and oranges. The flowers were so pretty I decided instead of just walking right by them, Reyna and I would slow down and take some time to enjoy them. So we stopped and I let Reyna smell the flowers. I was able get a few photos of her laying in the flower bed. She really seemed to enjoy stopping here and just sitting for a while. I thought it was nice because for once we were not in a rush, and we could just enjoy the moment together. I need to do that more. I decided when I see something worth stopping for, I am going to do it.

After our walk, Glenda invited us down to visit with her and Wendy. We drove down to Glenda’s, and when we got there, Glenda had a wrapped gift for Reyna. Reyna’s birthday was a few weeks ago, so Glenda said it was a belated birthday gift. Glenda wrapped this gift so beautifully.

The beautifully wrapped present from Glenda for Reyna.

The box was wrapped in pink wrapping paper, and there was a cut out of a dog’s head with a birthday hat on the top of the package. It was so cute, I didn’t want to open it. But before I knew it, Glenda put the box on the ground and called Wendy and Reyna over.

Wendy and Reyna checking out the present that is on the kitchen floor.

Glenda thought it would be fun if Reyna was allowed to try and open the gift. But Reyna hesitated and had that look on her face like “I know I am not suppose to do things like this”. So I praised Reyna and told Glenda she could let Wendy try to open it if she wanted to. Well guess what? It didn’t take Wendy but a few seconds to figure out how to start ripping off the paper! Wendy did a great job opening the present for Reyna. Reyna just waited to see what was inside of the box.

Wendy opening Reyna's gift for her.  Wendy is ripping off the wrapping paper!

The box was FULL of toys for Reyna! Each toy was individually wrapped with tissue, so Glenda had to assist Wendy in unwrapping the tissue from the toys.

Glenda is unrapping the tissue paper from the toys.  Wendy has one of Reyna's new toys in her mouth.

Inside the box there was a tug ring, a large sterile bone, a short sterile bone, and a few nylabones! Wendy and Reyna were so excited when they saw the toys and they each paraded the toys around like a prize in their mouths. Then they both settled down and started chewing on the sterile bones. They would chew on the bone for awhile then they would walk over and switch bones and chew some more. About every 15-20 minutes, they would switch bones with each other. They just get along so well!

Reyna and Wendy laying next to each other chewing on Reyna's new toys.

A close up of Reyna and Wendy both chewing on sterlie bones.

Reyna in a play bow position chewing on her new sterile bone from her auntie Glenda.

After the girls played and chewed for a while, Glenda and I went out to lunch. We went to a really nice Italian restaurant, and both of the dogs were sooo good. They just quietly laid next to each other as we enjoyed our lunch. It was such a nice day that we decided to eat out on the patio in the sun. Reyna did something really cute at lunch, she laid her head on Wendy’s back and fell asleep. Actually, both of the dogs fell asleep and people kept walking by and making sweet comments about the dogs. Some people even took pictures with their phones. Too cute!

Reyna laying her head on Wendy's back.  Her head is resting on Wendy, but she is looking up at the camera.

Reyna is sound asleep with her head resting on Wendy.  Too cute!

After lunch, we walked around down town and I got to see Wendy doing some great guiding. We ended up in a dog boutique and Glenda got Wendy a rhinestone “W” that clips onto her collar. Oh brother, I think I am rubbing off on Glenda. :) I have to admit that when we got back to Glenda’s and put the “W” on Wendy’s collar it looked great. Glenda and I did our normal chatting and the dogs played a while. I can’t remember a time when Reyna was so happy. She was having so much fun being with Wendy and Glenda. It was getting late, and I told Reyna it was time to leave. I grabbed her leash and headed for the door, but she wouldn’t come. It was like she was saying “No, Mom, please can we stay longer”? Reyna kept going over and sitting next to Glenda and she would not come to the door. I finally got Reyna out the door and Glenda and Wendy came outside to say good bye. We were all over on the passenger side of my car, and I opened my door and told Reyna to “kennel”. Reyna pulled over to Glenda and stayed by her side. She wasn't budging! I attempted to get Reyna in the car again, and she put on the brakes. She just refused to leave. She was having so much fun, Reyna did not want the day to be over. So the third time, Reyna finally conceded and got in the car with her head hung low. As soon as we left, Reyna immediately fell asleep in the car. She was exhausted!

When we got home, I didn’t even have a chance to unclip her leash, and she was sound asleep on her bed. She never woke up after that. She was so tired, she didn’t even wake up for her dinner. Now that’s a first. Reyna has never gone without eating. She literally has never missed a meal….until last night! This morning she woke up early and she was hungry for her breakfast. After I fed her, she has pretty much been asleep all day today. Oh what wonderful, exhausting fun!

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